Outage [Status partly resolved]

GarminSync was not able to retrieve activity details from Garmin Connect between September 16th and September 23rd. As a consequence:
  • GarminSync was not able to copy activities
  • Signup for GarminSync was not possible
Since September 24th service is slowly being re-enabled, see status updates below for actual status and frequently asked questions regarding this outage. 

Starting September 21st we will be going through a name change. CopyMySports will be the new name. Over the coming days you will see this name appear on the site, domain name, etc. Your existing subscription will not be affected by this

We appreciate all the supporting comments on social media and via tickets. Unfortunately we're not able to respond to each individually, for updates regarding this issue this page is the place to go. We will update this page when there is significant news, this will not be on a daily basis. 

  • October 18th 20:30 CEST: We now have received more insight in rate limiting needed and are working on staying within these limits. Public activities should get copied but still with delay. Only recent and new non-public activities will get copied. 
  • October 13th 09:00 CEST: Unfortunately the solution to this problem is beyond direct control of CopyMySports. Garmin Connect is not responding with activity details for about 50% of the requests CopyMySports does. We are in contact to get this investigated and resolved. 
  • October 10th 20:30 CEST: No solution yet, only thing we can mention is that about 1/3 of the attempts to collect activities from Garmin Connect is failing and it does not seem to be related to particular users. A request for a particular user may fail at one point and be successful again on the next attempt. 
  • October 9th 07:30 CEST: CopyMySports is having trouble to retrieve activities for some users from Garmin Connect and therefore cannot copy these to Strava and/or RunKeeper. This is not an issue that applies to all users. We're investigating why CopyMySports  is able to retrieve activities for some users and not for others. 
  • September 29th 15:45 CEST: The backlog of bulk copies is now also processed. CopyMySports is still running at a lower rate (check every 4 hours) than normal, but all activities should get copied. We keep working on getting the check frequency at 15 minutes again. 
  •  September 26th 22:20 CEST: Backlog of new activities is processed now, new activities are being copied but you may see a delay of 4 hours. The backlog of bulk orders is now being processed, this is a huge backlog and it will take days before it is fully processed. You should see your activities getting copied during the day. 
  •  September 25th 11:15 CEST: 
    §  Bulk copies are not being processed yet, we wait until the backlog of regular copies is completed.
    §  RunKeeper has a limit on the number of activities that may be copied per day in total by a a service like CopyMySports. Normally this limit is not a problem, but because we are now processing the backlog of activities of 1 week we would exceed this limit. CopyMySports respects this limit and therefore it will take another dat before activities of users that copy to RunKeeper is processed. If you copy both to Strava and RunKeeper your activities to Strava are also not copied yet. They will get copied. 
  •  September 24th 07:00 CEST: The service is starting to process activities again, but at a very low rate. Expect that your activities of the last week will get copied during the day and newly uploaded activities will get uploaded with a larger delay then you are used to (hours). In the coming period we will be making steps to eliminate this delay and get back to hour goal of publishing within 15 minutes. This is however going to take a while (weeks). 
  • September 21st 07:00 CEST: Just realised that GarminSync.com went live on September 16th 2012 and this outage started on September 16th 2013. Not quite the birthday present we hoped for...Anyway, as you can read at the top of the page, we'll be going through a name change: CopyMySports will be the new name.
  • September 20th 20:30 CEST: Unfortunately we cannot give an estimate when the service will be fully operational again. We're working towards a solution, but complete implementation may take weeks. In the meantime we're thinking about a temporarily solution that will copy activities but with a larger delay than normal. This could then be a first step towards reaching our normal service levels. But also for this one we cannot give a reliable date of availability. We're doing the best we can and hope to keep you all aboard. 
  • September 18th 21:25 CEST: We're on the road towards a working solution. Unfortunately cannot give an ETA, but it is definitely not a matter of hours. We do our best to copy activities that have not yet been copied due to this outage once we have the new solution operational. 
  • September 17th 20:30 CEST: We are in contact with Garmin, copying of all activities has been suspended in the mean time.
  • September 17th 07:00 CEST: We're testing a solution, a limited number of public activities is being copied. Private activities are not being copied.

Some frequently asked questions:
  • Will all my missed activities be copied once the service is operational again?
    I depends a bit on your specific situation. If you copy public activities then the last 10 activities (which are not already copied) will get copied. If you completed more then 10 activities since the outage started, you can use a bulk copy to get the activities copied over.
    If you copy non-public activities, they will not get copied over (most likely). You could them temporarily make them public and then run a bulk copy and then make them private again.
  • Can I copy the activities manually now?
    Sure you can do that, but you'll have to do that without using GarminSyc (you'll appreciate it even more once the service is operational again ;-)). You can do it manually by exporting the TCX file from GarminConnect and uploading it to RunKeeper or Strava manually. 
    In case you're copying to Strava there will not be duplicates ones the service is operational again. If you're copying to RunKeeper it could be that duplicates are created one the service is operational again. Reason is that Strava detects duplicates and RunKeeper does not.
  • Will my subscription remain in working after the name change?
    Yes! After we have completed the name change, we can continue fixing the issue with copying of activities. Your existing subscription to GarminSync will not be affected by the name change to Copy My Sports.

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